We offer this wonderful skin tightening treatment at Platinum Cosmetics. With Natalie Bassingthwaighte as
the newest Australia Ambassador it is clear to see why Ultherapy is a popular treatment  for those with busy lifestyles who are trying to tighten and firm their skin and improve definition around their jawlines and necks.

Natalie on Studio 10 discussing her life and Ultherapy

It’s also possible to elevate the brow using Ultherapy and with only one treatment required with no down-time, it is a perfect option for those of us who are time poor and surgical options are not an option at this time.

Check out some amazing results one the Ultherapy Website

Natalie Bassingthwaighte: “For me, the immediate after effect was really fresh, tight and smooth skin. The result on the skin’s surface was great and I noticed an immediate lift, but Ultherapy works so much deeper than the skin’s surface to give natural results that get better with time.”

We love no downtime and treatments that actually work. Don’t you?


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