Rosti joins our team of Dermal Clinicians

Rosti joins our team of Dermal Clinicians

My interest in cosmetics was sparked at a young age. From an early age, I was always fascinated by TV stars, with their perfect, glowing skin and beautiful makeup. During my art studies, I was inspired by the idea of a blank canvas, as it could be transformed into something that was individual, beautiful and exceptional. I aspired to create beauty around me as this was and continues to be my passion.

With my experience in art, the ability to pay attention to small details and a proficiency in blending colours to create symmetry, I naturally migrated to makeup.

After successfully gaining qualifications as a makeup artist, I soon realised that makeup was one of the many applications that can enhance ones beauty but more importantly healthy, glowing skin was the ultimate blank canvas.  As a natural progression, I followed my passion and decided to study within the field on beauty therapy.

My international studies & overseas experiences over the past 15 years have given me a practical & thorough basis that led me to complete my Bachelor of Health Science Degree majoring in Dermal Therapies at Victoria University.

During my five years of study to successfully complete my Degree, I gained proficiency in advanced dermal therapy treatments and industry experience. I was inspired to conduct research with professionals in this field and as a result, I co-authored an article published in the magazine ’Professional Beauty’ edition May – June 2017.

Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures are my focus & expertise.  I have been fortunate enough to work and use state of the art technologies and leading edge cosmeceutical skincare products. My philosophy is to facilitate the education of my clients throughout the transformation process with the ultimate goal of achieving customised individual results.

I am thrilled to be joining the team at Platinum Cosmetics where assisting & facilitating the transformation of skin using advanced technologies and personal consultation will meet the specific needs of each client.

Introducing Maddi to Platinum Cosmetics

Introducing Maddi to Platinum Cosmetics

‘Making the move from Perth to Melbourne in order to complete my bachelor of dermal science degree, I have always been passionate about ingredients and treatments that help build a confident mind and body love . Inspired by my mother who always conveyed that self- love is the most important part of life.

Having been in the beauty industry for the last five years my love for the industry started 10 years ago in high school where I started working in a salon for work experience, from day one I knew I had found what I love . Starting in beauty salons before progressing into spas and now dermal clinics my passion is building long lasting relationships and combining the relaxing and indulgent side of spa with the cosmeceutical ingredients and treatments of dermal therapy .

Whether it be simply incorporating the right ingredients into your daily skin care routine, or using the latest skin rejuvenation treatments to target specific concerns, together we can build a skin that you can be proud of

And as I am now a Melbourne girl, I feel it’s important that you know my beverage of choice is a full cream ‘cap’ – it helps me start my day!.

‘Thanks for calling Platinum Cosmetics. Caitlyn speaking, how can I help you?’

‘Thanks for calling Platinum Cosmetics. Caitlyn speaking, how can I help you?’

I’m new to the Platinum Cosmetics team and will often be the one to answer your phone call or say hi when you drop in.

So a little bit about me.

I am studying a degree in business and marketing and have also completed a diploma in visual merchandising. I have been lucky enough to travel to many places over the world like America, Asia, United Kingdom, Canada, Indonesia, Europe. I have also lived just out of Vancouver, Canada for a year and a half and in London also for a year and a half.

Before taking on this new role in Port Melbourne, I previously worked as a nanny for various family’s in Australia and Canada. When living in London I was in sales and reservations for a fancy Cocktail Bar – so yes, I’m partial to a cocktail and may even be able to mix you one!

I would say I have always been very passionate about makeup and skin as my mum has always tried to educate me in both – not that I always listened. When I was younger she would take me to makeup workshops so I would be taught the right ways to apply makeup. She would also teach me about the correct skincare products to use to ensure my skin was healthy. Combining this knowledge with ongoing training in our cosmeceutical products and make-up range, I am now able to offer anyone who walks into the clinic advise on how best to look after their skin.

I am a proud mum to a large male British short hair cat called Bear. And did I mention I can mix a mean cocktail?

Caitlyn x

Introducing Mike RN

Introducing Mike RN

Hi. My name is Mike….not Mark

I have been in this industry for 12 years, and a nurse since the dawn of time (it feels like). I have learnt so much from my patients and clients over the years, and many of whom I now consider friends.

When you are a health professional you have the ability and opportunity to have an impact of peoples lives. Whether it is nursing in an adult hospital, nursing neonates in incubators, having fun with oncology children, or injecting peoples faces, you are always having an impact on someones lives, and the lives of people around them. This is amazing to be a part of.

I have had clients who have followed me for 12 years no matter where I have worked and I am ever so grateful for their loyalty and trust in me, and I must be doing something right or they wouldn’t still be by my side to this day.

We have all experienced judgement, inequality, abuse, disappointment, and trauma in our lives to some extent, and I love the fact that I am old enough now to acknowledge that all of those things have brought me to where I am today and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it is the amazing experiences, the happiness, the people, the love, the excitement, and the joy that really makes it all worthwhile, and Platinum Cosmetics is a combination of all the above.

I invite you to come along and meet our team and if we can help bring a little glitter and sparkle into your life then I consider this to be a win for all of us.

Welcome to Platinum Cosmetics. I’m Mike and I look forward to meeting you (if I haven’t already).



Introducing Laura – Dermal Clinician Extraordinaire

Introducing Laura – Dermal Clinician Extraordinaire

My journey into the aesthetics industry began when I was a little girl always wanting to give my cousin facials and pluck their brows, or pretend to anyway!

As a teenager I had really bad acne and never received the best care in management which lead me wanting to study Beauty therapy at Victoria University. It was there that I excelled at the science behind the skin and fell in love with lasers and modality-based treatments. This took me to completing my Bachelor in Health Science Dermal Therapies. I have now been in the Aesthetics’ industry for 12 years. My passion is skin, technology and client experience.

I thrive on the results my clients achieve and over the years have helped many clients along in their journey to feel comfortable with the skin they are in. I believe in combining different treatment to achieve lasting results.

From skincare, lasers, IPL and Radiofrequency treatments that work at fighting the aging process I was fortunate enough to be exposed to my favourite treatment Ultherapy. This technology uses Ultrasound to target different layers in the skin and work at regenerating skin tissue and stimulate collagen and elastin, and thereby tightening the skin. Over 8 years of working with this great technology I have treated many patients whom have had great long lasting results.

Outside of my career I am always on the go, we have just built our dream home that keeps and I am now about to become a mum! I am so excited!

Laura Farrugia

Spring Makeup Sessions with ‘The Holistic Makeup Artist’

Spring Makeup Sessions with ‘The Holistic Makeup Artist’


With so many social events in Spring and Summer, sometimes it’s nice to have a little help! The solution is an in-clinic professional makeup application with our resident artist, Micaela.

With twenty years experience working in makeup- from film to fashion, bridal and special event, Micaela focusses on creating a natural, glowing and polished look that lasts and makes the most of your unique features.

Using the very best non-toxic, mineral makeup, Jane Iredale, Micaela can also teach you how to create the look at home with a 60min Makeup Lesson.

Book now for your makeup application or lesson by phoning 9681 7311 or email



Team Platinum – Who are we?

Team Platinum – Who are we?


We have all been in the industry for a long time, but it is possible that we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you.

So let us introduce ourselves.

Dr Robbie Amen specialises in cosmetic injectables and anti-aging medicine. He has a remarkable aesthetic eye and is equally as impressive with the tools of his trade. His experience and passion for excellence makes Dr Robbie the perfect partner in your anti-aging journey.

Miceala Hone works the front of house at our clinic and is our resident makeup artist. She offers makeup tutorials and can be booked to do your makeup for any special occasion. Using Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, she can teach you how to best enhance your assets with naturally beautiful results.

Mike Stevens started his cosmetic injecting in Port Melbourne 12 years ago and has returned to the same location to be part of the Platinum team. Years of managing cosmetic clinics, and administering anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers has given him a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering exceptional service and cosmetic results.

Laura Farrugia is very pregnant and nearly due to deliver our very first ‘Platinum Baby’. She is also a highly experienced Dermal Clinician. With a University degree dedicated to the anatomy and physiology you can be sure that Laura can devise the best plan of attack to address your skin concerns both in clinic and at home. Giving you the results you are after is her passion.

Jane Fielding has injected more lips and cheeks than you could possibly imagine during her 12 years of injecting in Melbourne. Her anatomical knowledge and experience with a needle ensure that you will always receive the beautiful results with exceptional skill and precision. As much as she is a lover of amazing shoes and handbags, she knows it is your face that is always on display and there is nothing wrong with looking your best at all times.

We will be adding new team members soon so watch this space, and in the mean time, please do drop in and say hi.

Team Platinum

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