Experienced clinicians delivering the ‘Platinum Experience’

We Care. We are a team of experienced and extensively trained doctors, nurses, and dermal clinicians. Our careers have been dedicated to caring for others. While the aesthetic clinic may not be saving lives, but we strive to be a positive influence on our clients self-esteem, confidence, and general well-being. Looking good and feeling good is not something we think anyone should be ashamed of, and we encourage everyone to always be the best version of themselves on the inside and outside.

The team at Platinum Cosmetics do not consider you just a ‘number’. We genuinely want to be part of your life, helping you to be the best version of yourself from now onwards.

We believe that a positive self-image can have a positive impact on the rest of your life as a wife, mother, husband, father, brother, sister, carer, lover, and any other relationship in your life. Regardless of your concerns and the results you may be after, it would be our pleasure to help you.

Come in, have a chat, and let’s make some magic happen.

The treatments, and products that we offer are all part of the journey we want each and every client to experience. All the treatments and products we offer go hand in hand to optimise your results and maintain them for as long as possible. We want to be with you every step of the anti-aging journey making sure that you continue to look amazing.

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