Many of us have stubborn, hard to get rid of fat that just won’t budge with diet and exercise. It is now possible to spot reduce fat from nearly anywhere on the body. We have the ability to reduce larger areas of stubborn fat, or contour smaller areas whilst tightening and firming the skin. These treatments have no down time, and get visible, permanent results. This is not weightloss, this is sculpting.

Due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, our skin changes over time, often leaving people with loose or saggy skin which creates areas of concern on the body and face. Aging is inevitable, however we can slow the aging process and turn back the clock to rebuild the foundation layers of the skin. We have a range of proven skin tightening devices that stimulate collagen to lift and tighten the skin. We customise each treatment to suit your needs and take you on a journey.


Coolsculpting is a scientifically proven non-surgical device that eliminates fat cells and contours the body. Using controlled cooling technology, one or two treatments may be required to give you lasting results. This is not a weightless treatment, this helps to sculpt your body to the shape you want it to be. If you can pinch it we can treat it!

Using a purpose designed applicator, Coolsculpting can help to reduce the bulk of fat under the chin, helping to improve the appearance of a jawline and neck region.

Often known as 'muffin tops' or 'love handles', the flanks can be one of the last places to lose fat from with diet and exercise alone. Its now possible to target this area to help reduce the bulges that stand out when shirts are tucked in or form fitting clothes are being worn. Feel more confident when you dress everyday.

Commonly known as 'Saddle bags' the outer thigh can make pants, form fitting skirts and dresses tighter than they otherwise would be. Shaving down the outer thigh using Coolsculpting will change the way you feel each time you pull on your favourite pair of jeans.

Increasing the gap between each thigh can help to improve the appearance in swimwear and underwear, whilst also improving any nasty chaffing and rubbing that has preciously been occurring.

Provided you have a well fitting bra, its often the 'inconvenient' collection of fat sitting around the bra and bra strap that makes lumps and bumps that often stand out when you least want them too. Reduce the bulk of these fatty bulges with Coolsculpting and get back into the little black dress.

'Tuckshop lady arms' and 'bingo wings' are Aussie slang for the fat and loose tissue on the upper arm. Not only can Coolsculpting reduce the volume in this area, it also helps to tighten the tissue. This results in a more defined and streamlined appearance of your arms.

A common problem area for men and women, the abdomen often holds fat despite constant exercise and healthy diet. Help to get the flat stomach and shape you have always wanted with Coolsculpting. Treat the upper, lower, and mid abdomen all at once, or over a few sessions, with a flatter you gradually appearing over 3 months.

Help define your buttocks by reducing the roll of fat that can appear on the top of the leg. The 'Banana roll' reduction helps to give an appearance of a lifted and 'perky peach'. Perfect for summer.

A “non-surgical” skin tightening device that targets deep in the muscle (SMAS) layer of skin and the dermis, this once only procedure is FDA approved and TGA cleared to lift and tighten the skin. Ultherapy uses Ultrasound soundwaves to stimulate collagen deep in the skin, with little to no downtime! Results are often seen after 3-6 months. Perfect for use on areas of the body that have loose skin.

especially helpful after giving birth

Sun exposure with low cut tops and thin skin mean the décolletage can show signs of aging, which may benefit from a skin tightening treatment.

A non-invasive treatment that uses Radio Frequency sound waves and magnetic pulses to natural boost collagen and elastin fibres deep in the skin. 6 -8 fortnightly treatment is required. There is no down time, this procedure feels warm and quite relaxing. Perfect for the arms and legs, and particularly after a Coolsculpting treatment.

Great after Coolsculpting

Reduce fat and tighten skin in the inside leg

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