In Australia we are prohibited from mentioning the brand name of medical products,  therefore the generic terms ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ and ‘dermal fillers’ are often used to describe these products that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add volume to specific areas of the face. Some of these products have been used for cosmetic purposes since 1987, with an increasing list of possible ways they can be used to enhance a person’s appearance. These treatments should only ever be administered by a suitably trained, experienced and qualified clinician. The aesthetic result you are looking for can often vary significantly from the actual result of a treatment, so make sure you put yourself in the hands of a clinician you trust to give you the best outcome.


When injected into muscles that cause expression lines, this family of drugs reduce the muscle contraction, thereby reducing the formation and appearance of expression lines.

Advanced injection techniques can also be used to strategically alter the strength of particular muscles which in turn can reposition features of the face such as eyebrows, and corners of the mouth.

Ask your clinician what other positive aesthetic changes can be achieved with anti-wrinkle injections.

Whether you are frowning, thinking, or squinting, the lines in between the eye brows can give off a negative vibe to anyone looking at you. The frown muscles also contribute to pulling down the brow and hiding your eyes. Reducing the your ability to create these frown lines can really change your look and how others may be perceiving you. Reduce the muscle movement between the eyebrows and you can help to reduce exisiting frown lines, and prevent them from getting any worse. Treatment in this area also contributes to brow elevation.

You might lift your eyebrows as you have an expressive face, or to elevate your brow when you are trying to open up the eye area. The forehead muscle is the only muscle in the upper face that lifts the brow, so treatment in this area will reduce the ability to lift your eyebrows to some degree. The amount that is used to soften these lines depends entirely on the result you are after, the severity of the wrinkles, and size of your forehead. It is important to find a happy balance between a smooth forehead and natural brow elevation.

Treating the muscle that contracts when we smile or screw up our faces can help to reduce the appearance of crows feet. We all love to laugh and smile, so there is nothing wrong with having some crow’s feet/laughter lines. If you prefer them to be a little softer or non-existent, then anti-wrinkle injections can help. Everyone has their own opinion on whether they like or dislike these 'laughter' lines, so make sure you discuss this with your clinician. Treating this area can also contribute to lateral brow elevation.

A square jaw can be attractive on both males and females, however if this is not your preference, and a more heart shaped face is more your desired aesthetic, then softening the bulk of the masseter (chewing) muscle might be the answer for you. Anti-wrinkle injections help to relax and reduce the size of  muscles that create a square shaped jawline, and can also help reduce the grinding of teeth.

The neck has can be a problem area for many as we age due to skin texture and laxity. Protruding bands of muscle also add to the ‘stringy’ appearance of the neck. Reducing their appearance with anti-wrinkle injections can help to reduce the ‘turkey’ like appearance. Perfect for a mature neck with visible signs of aging.

Sometimes you won’t even know you are doing it, but creating a frown or pulling down the corners of your mouth can really create a sad look, and contribute to early ageing in the lower face. Reducing the downwards pull with anti-wrinkle injections helps to kick up the corners of the mouth resulting in a resting 'neutral' face.

To help add definition to a jawline line like ‘Queen Nefertiti’, anti-wrinkle injections can help to lift the lower face and result in a more structured appearance of the jawline. Know as the 'Nefertiti Lift', anti-wrinkle injections can be strategically injected along the jawline to help improve definition and jawline sharpness.

Anti-wrinkle injections administered strategically under the brow can help to elevate the brow position. Treating in conjunction with other areas of the upper face can assist in further elevation resulting in opening up the eye area for a fresher appearance.

If the lip curls under when you smile showing significant gum, we can help 'drop' the lip so less gum shows on animation.

Rather than adding volume to your lips, it is possible to reduce lip elevation, thereby making it sit flatter and appear fuller during animation.

Grinding your teeth at night could result in an enlarged jaw size, and also some hefty dental bills in the future. Relaxing the masseter muscle with anti-wrinkle injections can help to reduce grinding and excessive muscle contraction.

The fine lines that can appear on the side of the nose occur due to scrunching up the nose like a ‘bunny’. This can be a cute look, but over time the lines can get deeper and can start becoming as distraction from your eyes and other great features. Reducing the contraction can help prevent and soften these lines.

Peri-oral lines, often referred to as ‘smokers lines’ are formed due to continue movement of the lips over time and the loss of volume in the tissue above the lip. Soften muscle contraction can help prevent the formation of these lines and help reduce the appearance of any existing lines.

Dermal fillers are products that are used to replace, restore, and add volume, with an ever increasing list of possible ways they can be used to enhance a person's appearance.

Everyone has their own concept of 'beautiful' when it comes to their own face, and others, so ensure that you and your clinician are on the same page regarding your desired outcome. Focus less on the 'how much filler' is being used, and more on where it is being put and how this will give you long lasting naturally beautiful results.

Lip size and shape preference is very individual so consultation with your clinician is very important. You may want a more defined lip line, or improvement of the lines around the lips, or a fuller set of lips. We can't change the lips you were born with, but we can enhance them as needed. It's more about where and how, rather than how much you use need to achieve the result you want.  All lips were not born equal, and neither were cosmetic injectors.

Sometimes a client might benefit from some additional volume in their mid face to enhance the 'apple' of a cheek, or perhaps some lateral to create some 'cheek bone' structure. Maybe it's a combination of both. Discuss your concerns with your clinician in order to enhance the right areas you need in order to achieve the results you are after.

Your jawline may have lost definition as you have aged, or you may never have had a super strong jawline. This is when dermal fillers can be used to help create and strength a jawline, which often assists with ageing in the lower face. Allow your clinician to guide you as to how much dermal filler you will need to get the job done as every face and jawline is different.

The temples that appear at the end of each eyebrow often deflate with age, creating a bit of a 'peanut' shape of someone's head. This can be quite ageing as the face begins to look skeletal in places. This should only be done by experienced clinicians so do your homework.

Dark circles under the eyes are often a result of hollowing that can occur with ageing, or could have existed from as long as you can remember. Many anatomical factors can contribute to this deficit around the eye area, so these need to be considered before any treatment. If volume deficit is the concern, careful administration of dermal filler can help to reduce a tired or sad appearance. This is an advanced treatment area.

Also known as puppet lines, these areas that begin at the corners of the mouth deteriorate as we get old with changes in our anatomy and skin condition. The development of a shadow, folding of skin, or the formation of a crease often makes you look and feel sad or tired. Dermal fillers can help to turn that frown upside down and keep it there for 6-12 months.

Slightly changing the proportions of facial features can significantly improve someones aesthetic as everything looks more balanced and harmonious. Increasing the strength of a chin, or its projection can change the way the lower face looks, which in turn makes everything look better as a whole. Male and females have different aesthetics which needs to be addressed when changing the chin and jawline.

You may never have noticed, but ear lobes get wrinkly. Heavy earrings can also drag ear lobes down over time, so some strategically placed filler can sort this out in no time.

This is definitely for advanced injectors only, and should only every be considered if the benefit aesthetically out weighs the risk. Reducing the appearance of a hump or lump on the nose can be achieved with dermal filler when injected into the right place. Previous nose surgery can increase the risk of complications so please disclose all to your clinician.

Our hands are exposed to the elements every single day, so the skin becomes thinner and deteriorates over time. Restoring the volume and improving the integrity of the skin can be achieved using dermal fillers specifically designed for improving skin condition.

Dermal fillers that used at Platinum bind to water and encourage hydration wherever they are administered. Specific products can be administered directly into crepey and dehydrated tissue improving the integrity and hydration with each treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is taken from your own blood and administered back into your skin to help repair thin and damaged tissue. The plasma tells your body to 'repair' the skin, similar to the the repair that occurs after an injury. Perfect for a 'natural' improvement in the quality of thinning and aged skin. Multiple treatments are generally needed with improvements being seen after each treatment.

The skin around the eye is the thinnest on the face, and therefore it shows signs of ageing very easily. Improving the thickness and integrity of the tissue helps to smooth out fine lines, and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

The neck is often a neglected area and can 'give away' someone's age if only the face is being well maintained. Due to the continual sun exposure and movement of our head, the neck ages just like the face, so it is equally as important to look after the tissue of the neck. PRP helps to improve firmness and elasticity whilst tightening around the neck and jawline. A perfect combination with RF Tightening and Ultherapy

The fine vertical lines that appear on each cheek start to appear due to the loss of volume in the cheeks, expression, and the degradation of skin tissue. PRP into the skin helps to thicken and improve the tissue so it appears more hydrated and moves naturally with animation.

Fat under the chin creating a 'double chin' can be treated with injections that permanently destroy some of the fat cells.  This is just one of the ways that the double chin can be treated,

Fat underneath the chin can be stubborn to shift, and can remain present on even the leanest of people. Injections into this fat allow for target fat reduction that permanent destroys treated fat cells.

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