Looking natural and healthy is the goal with dermal fillers. Using a gel that is predominantly a sugar, we can help restore any areas that have lost volume in your face which happens with age. This can help to freshen your appearance by reducing shadows and hollows that are becoming more obvious with time.

We often hear statements like ‘she was born with high cheek bones’, ‘I’ve always had amazing lips’, and ‘he is going to age well due to his genes’. What this says to us is that people DO have amazing features and not all of us are blessed with ‘super model looks’ or ‘genetics’. We love that we are able to enhance some of your own features to re harmonise and often glamorise the appearance of the face without anyone else knowing that it isn’t just luck of the draw.

Lip Enhancement
Whether you are after a more defined lip, a fuller lip, or just some hydration for dry lips, dermal fillers injected with skill and precision can get you the look you are after.
Non-surgical rhinoplasty
It is not a replacement for surgery, however dermal filler can be used reduce the appearance of any ‘humps’ and can help define or reshape a nose. This is a high risk area and should only be done by experienced injectors.
Cheek enhancement
Gently changing the proportions of the face can enhance and rejuvenate your appearance. Dermal fillers can be used to give some additional structure and definition to cheek bones, or replace lost volume in the mid cheek which can often lead to a tired appearance.
Chin enhancement
The chin shape and projection significantly contributes to appearance of the lower face. A male chin and jawline can be strengthened with fillers, and a female chin can be defined creating a more heart shaped face.
Eye bag/tear trough enhancement
The appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes can often be improved with dermal fillers. This is an advanced area for treatment and should only be administered by experienced injectors.


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