Exposure to the harsh Australian sun over many years means that the majority of Australians have skin that starts to show the signs of this exposure starting in their 30’s. Both the extrinsic factors like sun exposure, and pollutants, and intrinsic factors such as the ageing process, and hormones mean that none of us can escape the gradual degradation in our skin quality and appearance. Deeper set wrinkles, and lax skin become problematic for the majority of us, and laser resurfacing is a great option to improve the appearance of the skin whilst improving the quality from the inside out. Combining modalities such as skin tightening, photo rejuvenation with skin resurfacing means you can very rapidly be walking around with a fresh and rejuvenated appearance that looks both healthy and natural.

Platinum cosmetics has now introduced the Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing treatment, this non-surgical treatment resurfaces the skin to improve overall texture and clarity. It combines Nano-Fractionated Radio Frequency (RF) technology to resurface the skin improving mild acne scarring, refining lines, lax skin and sun damage. By using Nano-Fractionated technology down time is reduces as surrounding tissue remains untouched allowing the body to heal faster. Unlike a laser all skin types can be treated as RF is not attracted to colour and does not make you sensitive to the sun so it can be performed all year round. 3- 6 treatments are usually required for great results.


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