Registered Nurse – Cosmetic Nurse Injector

With a colourful 20 year nursing history, Mike has worked with adults, children, and neonates throughout Australia and the UK. His best decision in life was to become a nurse. His second best decision was to move into cosmetic nursing 10 years ago. His third best decision was to get his fluffy love  ‘Latte’ the Chihuahua with attitude.

Starting his aesthetic career in Port Melbourne in 2006, Mike has come full circle with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his clients. Working with a world renowned Melbourne plastic surgeon for many years and attending trainings both in Australia and internationally, Mike has a great understanding of facial anatomy and how the aging process is reflected differently on the male and female face. Having managed medical aesthetic clinics over the years, whilst treating clients, he is fully aware that your experience should always be our number 1 priority.

He is known to be straight up when assessing and discussing possible options, and clients often state this brutal honesty is part of his appeal.

Mike is a firm believer that aesthetic treatments are equally for men as they are for women, and wants everyone to feel comfortable at Platinum Cosmetics.

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